Cars for rent

When choosing a car hire we often face the questions of what makes one car different, what are its advantages or disadvantages in certain situations.

To help you make your choice here's a list of what car classes, what each class means and what brands we offer for your journeys.

When searching for a particular vehicle in the car rental market you will notice that cars are always categorized. Categories determine the size and type of car therefore you can be sure of what purpose and type of car you will receive.

The price of the car, as well as the rental conditions usually depend on the class of the car.

Each car class also includes cars from different manufacturers. We offer only the latest models, high quality and popular cars. Different car manufacturers have distinct advantages. Design, innovative technologies, safety are unique features that are important to anyone choosing a car rent in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda or Palanga.

Compare, choose and book cars with no advanced payments from the variety of car classes, manufacturers and models.