Kaunas is characterized by a very unique interwar modern architecture which attracts a large number of tourists from Lithuania and abroad, as well as the number of international companies in Kaunas is growing rapidly, which is why a lot of interested people come to Kaunas. Kaunas is located in the center of Lithuania, crossed by the most important transport lines and near Kaunas, in Karmėlava, is the second largest airport in Lithuania. Because of these reasons there is a great need for car rental services in Kaunas.


Why to choose us?


AutoRentalis.lt is a car rental platform that presents all the offers of different reliable car rental providers in one place. Renting a car from us saves you money and time as we can offer a best prices from a car rental providers, and time, because you see all the offers from different suppliers in one place. You can compare and book the best offer. The great thing is that we give you the opportunity to see the offers according to the city you are interested in, where you want to pick up the car. This is important because both car models and rental prices and conditions can vary from city to city.


Our advantage and uniqueness is specialization and concentration in the Lithuanian market. This allows us to offer customers an extremely wide range of cars, prices and conditions.


What kind of car can you choose in Kaunas?


In Kaunas, as well as in other major Lithuanian cities, we rent vehicles of all classes: small, medium, SUVs, cargo and passenger minibuses, therefore each customer will receive an offer that best meets his needs, whether you need a car for a holiday, a trip or to simply use it in one city.


We rent Volkswagen Polo, Hyundai I30, Volkswagen Jetta, Ford C-MAX, Volkswagen Golf VII Variant, Volkswagen Passat, Toyota RAV4, Mercedes Benz C-CLASS and other models in Kaunas.


We offer free attributes


Unlike renting a car directly from suppliers, you can find unlimited mileage, newest car model guarantee, free child seats or other equipment specifically of interest to you in vehicles rented from us.


Where to pick up and drop off the car in Kaunas?


The main rental desks of Kaunas city are in Kaunas Airport, as it is home to the largest and best-priced offers from different providers. The city center of Kaunas itself has only a few providers who are located in the city itself and provide quality services, as well as good prices.


For these reasons we recommend customers who are looking for a car in Kaunas region to compare not only the offers of the city center but also the offers of Kaunas airport rental desks. You will find that there is a much greater variety and you will usually find better prices, cars, conditions.


If you choose a car from the airport, if necessary, it can be delivered to Kaunas city therefore you will win in terms of price and conditions as the delivery fee is quite small (from 10 to 15 euros). Most people looking for a rental in Kaunas do not know it so an important piece of advice for you is to look at the offers at Kaunas Airport: you will save because there is the biggest competition between car rental providers! Among these things we do not charge any additional airport charges. Pick-up and drop-off at the airport is available 24 hours a day.


We also give you the opportunity to be even more mobile: you can pick up the car in one city and return it in another. Depending on where you pick up the car and where you will return it, the amount of the applicable one-way fee varies. You can find out the exact amount of the fee by selecting a specific car pick-up / drop-off points.

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