SUV class car rental

SUV's rental is an exclusive choice for those who want not only a spacious, stable, safe, comfortable car, but also a car that can overcome any obstacles on the road.


While SUVs are a great choice for those who need a larger vehicle, the greatest demand and popularity for this class of cars is in the winter, when the benefits of SUVs can best be appreciated.


When traveling to the countryside in both rented and private cars, you very often have to encounter difficult roads, which are rarely cleaned or slippery during the winter, which puts you at risk of not only damage to the car, but also your own safety. For these reasons, if there may be such road sections on your trip, we recommend choosing an SUV car rental.


When choosing this class, cars can be divided into two types: standard SUVs, popularly called "jeeps", and "crossover" type - all-terrain vehicles or otherwise urban SUVs.


For those who don't need a big car, but great mileage is a must, crossover SUVs are a great choice. The most popular car of this type we offer is the new Toyota CH-R. The car is great in that it is not only maneuverable, but also economical, as the fuel consumption of this model is identical to that of mid- or standard-class cars. It is also worth noting that the rental price of this type of car is very close or even identical to standard class cars, so this model is available to people with different budgets.


However, if you appreciate the benefits of a full-size SUV, you can choose from models such as the Toyota RAV4, Nissan Qashqai, Jeep Grand Cherokee, BMW X3, Lexus RX, Mercedes-Benz ML or Audi Q7.


You can use these cars for rent in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Palanga, as well as Vilnius, Kaunas, Palanga airports.


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