Purchase terms and conditions

1. General provisions.

1.1. These terms and conditions of Purchase (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules") are a legal document which establishes the rights, duties, responsibilities and all service provision related Rules.
1.2. By submitting a reservation the Buyer confirms that he is familiar and agrees with the terms and conditions stated by AutoRentalis.lt.

2. Protection of personal data.

2.1. Buyer must provide the requested information: name, contact telephone number, e-mail address and address of residence when booking a car rental services.
2.2. The Buyer is responsible for submitting correct and accurate data.
2.3. By booking the Buyer agrees that his submitted data will be used for the purposes of providing a booked car rental services.
2.4. After booking the Buyer is fully responsible for the security of his account and any changes made to the booking at www.autorentalis.lt.
2.5. The Seller undertakes not to disclose the Buyer's personal data to third parties, except to car rental companies that will provide car rental services booked by the Buyer or when required by the competent State institutions in cases provided for by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

3. Buyer's rights and responsibilities.

3.1 According to the chosen method of payment the Buyer undertakes to pay the full price of booked car rental services before they can be provided.
3.2 When booking the Buyer must provide all requested, correct and accurate information. If the buyer provides inaccurate, false or misleading information the Seller is not liable in case of providing car rental services that the Buyer was not expecting.
3.3. In case Buyer makes any changes to the booking or personal information it must be immediately updated by using Buyer’s account “My Reservations” or by informing the Seller via contact provided.
3.4. The Buyer has the right to cancel the placed booking for free at any time, but not later than 72 hours left before the car pick-up time.

3.5. If the Buyer cancels booking when it is less than 72 hours left before the car pick-up time or if the Buyer does not arrive to take his booking at all, according to the information sent to the provided e-mail, the Buyer is obliged to compensate 20 percent of the total booking price to the Seller.

4. Seller's rights and responsibilities.

4.1. The Seller undertakes to provide all conditions for the Buyer to properly use all services offered by AutoRentalis.lt.
4.2. The seller undertakes to respect the Buyer's personal information and not transfer it to any third parties, except car rental companies that will provide booked services to the Buyer.
4.3. The Seller undertakes to correctly transfer all submitted information to the car rental companies providing services to the Buyer.
4.4. The Seller undertakes to ensure that the services will be provided correctly according to booking made by the Buyer.

5. Booking, prices, payment terms and conditions.

5.1. Bookings of car rental services are accepted and can be placed by using the online car rental search and booking platform www.autorentalis.lt or by contacting us and booking directly on the phone.
5.4. All prices are stated in Euros with VAT included.
5.4. Buyer can pay for services:
5.4.1. by transfer, using e-banking services.
5.4.2. by paying on arrival in ways explained in the car rental company’s "Ts & Cs" stated next to each offered car at www.autorentalis.lt.
5.5. The booking is accepted from the moment when Buyer receives the booking confirmation letter sent to stated e-mail address of the Buyer. .
5.6. The order is considered unaccepted if the Buyer has selected a payment method - "Pay now" and the payment was not made.
5.7. The Buyer undertakes to pay the full cost of the booking directly to the car rental service provider at the time of car pick-up in case of selected payment method - "Pay on Pick-Up".
5.8. The car rental services will be provided to the Buyer only after the payment of full booking price.

6. Provision of services.

6.1. The Buyer undertakes to select and state correct pick-up and drop-off locations, date, time and additional services if needed.
6.2. By booking the buyer confirms that he is familiar and accepts the terms and conditions stated by AutoRentalis.lt.
6.3. At the time of car pick-up the Buyer must have all the documents stated in the "Ts & Cs“ of car rental company stated next to each offered car at www.autorentalis.lt.
6.4. The Buyer must immediately inform the Seller if the car rental services are not received on time due to the fault of car rental company providing the services; If the car rental company delivers a car that is lower class than the car booked; If the additional equipment and services do not match chosen in the booking.
6.5. If the car rental services can not be provided because of the fault of Buyer in cases of incorrectly indicating the place and time of the car pick-up and drop-off or not providing the required documents, bank payment cards or not complying with the car rental company’s “Ts & Cs“ stated next to each car offered at www.autorentalis.lt, the money for the Buyer's booking is not refunded.

7. Quality of service and guarantees.

7.1. All required and detailed information is available and provided in the terms and conditions of each car rental company and booking.
7.2. All car rental services are provided by the www.autorentalis.lt authorized suppliers – car rental companies.

8. Final provisions.

8.1. The Rules for the purchase are concluded in accordance with the laws and legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.
8.2. All disputes arising disputes are resolved by negotiation. In cases of failing to reach an agreement, disputes are resolved in accordance with the procedures established by laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

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