Minivan / Van class car rental

If more than 5 people are traveling by car, minivan / van cars are the only ones that will be able to meet your car rental needs.


Because cars can travel different numbers of people, cars in this class are divided into two types: minivans and passenger minibuses.


Minivans are a great choice if you drive up to 7 people in total. The cost of renting such a car is not only cheaper than a minibus, but the car is easier to maneuver in the city or in difficult situations.


Our cars in this category are comfortable Chrysler Grand Voyager or Volkswagen Caddy Maxi models.


If you are planning a trip with more than 7 people, passenger minibus rental is what you are looking for. The main advantage of passenger minibuses is that they can comfortably travel as many as 9 people. If you are going on a further trip, this car will not only accommodate all the passengers, but you will also be able to take all the necessary items with you, as there is a lot of space both in the trunk and inside the car.


The most popular and trustworthy passenger minibuses you can rent are Renault Trafic, Opel Vivaro or Ford Tourneo cars.


If car rental of this type of vehicles is necessary for your trips in Lithuania or abroad, we invite you to reserve the most suitable car here