Van rental - the opportunity to travel safely and comfortably

Van rental - the opportunity to travel safely and comfortably

2018-02-04 09:38:56

Traveling by van is a popular solution for those who like to travel with friends, relatives, or at various celebrations, where all the participants of a wedding, maid, bachelor or christening can travel. Minibus rental allows you to travel freely not only in Lithuania, but also in foreign countries. Minibuses are covered by compulsory CASCO insurance, and all conditions and requirements that a minibus driver must know prior to signing a vehicle rental agreement. It is usually required that the driver of the vehicle is at least 20 years old and has 2 years of driving experience. Rental cars are delivered with a full fuel tank, so the fuel tank must also be full when returning the vehicle. Tidy, comfortable minibuses allow you to enjoy a safe and fast journey, so what are the most common options for renting minibuses?

Company managers or their employees often rent minibuses for various business visits. In order to meet guests from abroad and travel to a conference, seminar or company office, the rental of the vehicle becomes an excellent choice that safely takes them to the right place. New, decent minibuses create a cozy atmosphere during the trip, with the latest technical requirements and facilities such as air conditioning, heating, cooling or audio. The soft seats, the spaciousness of the vehicle make traveling comfortable and safe.

Minibus rental is a particularly popular solution for celebrating birthdays, bachelor parties, or party parties when you need to get from one place to another during the day. Since active holidays are often planned during such holidays, the minibus provides a quick and convenient way to move from one place to another. Decorated with festivities such as weddings, christenings, gifts, a minibus becomes a great opportunity to put together all the things you need and go to the celebration with your loved ones and friends. Also during these holidays, guests are often responsible for snacks and other meals, so a larger vehicle will implement the decision to bring all the items to the right place together. So, weddings, christenings, corporate parties, events and other celebrations are a great opportunity to rent a reliable car.

Car rentals are also useful for sightseeing tours and trips to your home country or abroad. This way of traveling is convenient because a company traveling by minibus can plan the route itself, stop at places that are convenient to them and immortalize in the travel moments. As vehicle rental time is not limited, it can become your holiday car with which to travel to Baltic or other European countries. If there are more than one driving person in a traveling company, they can drive while on the go, thus resting and recovering. Planning a precise itinerary, having a look at which areas you want to stop, a minibus trip can give you a lot of positive emotions and unforgettable experiences.

Missions both in Lithuania and abroad provide another opportunity to rent a minibus and travel for business. As a minibus is not a small vehicle, you can travel with your colleagues and easily accommodate all the things you need. Traveling to a foreign country by minibus rather than, for example, by plane, saves money that can be spent on daily living or entertainment in a foreign country. Employees are usually paid daily allowances for business trips in foreign countries, so traveling in this way can not only see more countries, stop for walks in the places of interest, but also bring home the pleasant things to remember.

It is also possible to transport the necessary consignments, cargoes or documents by means of a vehicle rental. In this case, you will be sure that important cargo, letters and other correspondence will not be lost and delivered to the recipient on time. Vehicle rental points not only in Lithuania, but also in other countries offer a convenient online booking system and provide all the information related to the vehicle rental service on the website. In the event of any questions relating to the hire of vehicles, employees of the company may be contacted by telephone, e-mail or, if submitted, in the form of a request. Travel quickly, safely and comfortably with reliable minibuses!

For your convenience - a new opportunity to rent a car at Riga international airport!

2023-07-30 13:39:44

From now on you can reserve and pick up a car not only in Lithuania, but also in Latvia at Riga International Airport. Due to the growing demand of customers, the convenience of flights and transportation car rental at Riga airport is becoming more and more popular therefore you can already compare and book car rental offers in Riga by using our services.

Car rental in Vilnius, Kaunas, Palanga airports. What do you need to know?

2019-07-28 16:41:22

A car hire customer arriving at the airport often has a question: Where do I need to take my car? Will I have to wait for someone? How to return the car? Is it possible to arrive at night? To answer all these questions, we would like to clarify that car rental at all Lithuanian airports is really simple and even very convenient. If your flight is to Vilnius Airport in all cases, you will find yourself at the Vilnius Airport Arrival Terminal. Although small, for customer covvenience this terminal is divided into sections A, B and C, each of which has different rental offices.