Car rental in European Union countries

Car rental in European Union countries

2017-10-22 09:28:24

A car is an indispensable means of everyday communication. By car you go to work, meetings, trips. A neat vehicle ensures a safe and fast journey, so every year more and more people not only pass driving tests, but also buy a used or new car. At the same time, car rental services are becoming more and more popular in Lithuania and around the world, where drivers can ride on selected vehicles with both mechanical and automatic gearboxes. Also, this service becomes a practical solution if you want to buy a car for which the rental service has been chosen. Thus, it becomes a kind of "test" of a car that can determine the purchase of a vehicle.

Car rentals are especially popular in foreign countries, allowing you to travel freely, choose your own destinations and places to stop. In Europe alone, more than 50 million drivers rent cars every year in foreign countries, so we will refer to what we recommend and pay attention to when renting a car in European Union countries.

It is even possible to book a car for holidays or business trips abroad. This will make sure that when you arrive in a foreign country you will have to travel to the car rental point and there will be a reserved vehicle for you. It is especially convenient to book your vehicle online, as it allows you to compare prices for different rental points and find the best solution for you. However, before booking, please read the terms and conditions of each offer as closely as possible: whether the car is offered with or without insurance, or if there is no limit on the number of kilometers traveled if the vehicle is rented from the airport, you will have to pay the airport fee and so on. Often services such as child seat, roof rack are extra costly, and travel advisors also recommend paying attention to whether the rental price is variable when driving only one way and so on.

Also, car rentals often use special offers and promotions for cheaper weekend trips, for a particular vehicle model, so if you come up with such a proposal, you will certainly succeed, but be sure to read even the smallest text that may describe additional rental terms. By reserving a car online, you will save time, which you spend on walking in different vehicle rental locations, looking for the best solution.

Insurance is another particularly important aspect that needs attention. Different amounts of insurance premiums are legally approved in different countries of the European Union, so if the car is damaged during the trip, accident or other accident, be sure that the car insurance will cover the necessary expenses. If the amount of insurance offered at the rental point seems too small for you, increase it and order an additional insurance service. Pay attention to aspects such as whether the proposed insurance only applies to the car or the items it contains. Some car rental companies offer aft insurance at an additional cost, so you can inquire whether there is a frequent theft in the country you are visiting or whether you need this type of insurance.

Before confirming your choice of car rental and signing the contract, you should have a good look at the vehicle you received. Does the vehicle have dents, scratches, etc. Some landlord owners are not honest and are inclined to provide invoices for flaws that may have arisen after using the vehicle. For this reason, it is necessary to inspect the car together with the employee or owner of the rental point and confirm in writing that it is free from defects.

Also note the amount of fuel you need to return the car to avoid future problems and you should not pay extra. The right to rent a car in different countries is allowed from 18, 21, and sometimes 25 years. Also required is a driving experience of at least 1 year. You are usually asked to pay for a car rental service with a credit card rather than cash, so be prepared for the documents you need for a foreign country and have a letter confirming your car reservation.

For your convenience - a new opportunity to rent a car at Riga international airport!

2023-07-30 13:39:44

From now on you can reserve and pick up a car not only in Lithuania, but also in Latvia at Riga International Airport. Due to the growing demand of customers, the convenience of flights and transportation car rental at Riga airport is becoming more and more popular therefore you can already compare and book car rental offers in Riga by using our services.

Car rental in Vilnius, Kaunas, Palanga airports. What do you need to know?

2019-07-28 16:41:22

A car hire customer arriving at the airport often has a question: Where do I need to take my car? Will I have to wait for someone? How to return the car? Is it possible to arrive at night? To answer all these questions, we would like to clarify that car rental at all Lithuanian airports is really simple and even very convenient. If your flight is to Vilnius Airport in all cases, you will find yourself at the Vilnius Airport Arrival Terminal. Although small, for customer covvenience this terminal is divided into sections A, B and C, each of which has different rental offices.