Experience the new Toyota models

Experience the new Toyota models

2019-07-04 00:09:21

The new Toyota RAV4 SUV and intermediate class Toyota Corolla models have already complemented our fleet of cars. You can now rent these cars at all our rental points.

The cars introduced in 2019 has not only renewed, stylish and sporty body lines, but also comes with additional features which increases the pleasure of driving and most important safety. From now on, all new Toyota models has the "Safety Sense" system, which includes many advanced safety features - from alerts about dangerous situations on the road to active help avoiding them. Manufacturers are convinced that security is a necessity, not a luxury.

Comfort and economy as well as the safety are the most important criteria for those renting a car. Decision which car to choose will now be easier as new Toyota models have a stronger chasis, lower center of gravity which adds to the excellent cornering capabilities. Dual control-arm suspension increases effectiveness of road bump absorbation and combined with upgraded and optimized driver seat positioning increases comfort and reduces fatigue on longer trips.

The new Toyota Corolla models have an average fuel consumption of just 6 liters per 100 kilometers and Toyota RAV4 SUV just 7 liters per 100 kilometers.

Book these cars with no advanced payment in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda and Palanga.

Car rental in Vilnius, Kaunas, Palanga airports. What do you need to know?

2019-07-28 17:41:22

A car hire customer arriving at the airport often has a question: Where do I need to take my car? Will I have to wait for someone? How to return the car? Is it possible to arrive at night? To answer all these questions, we would like to clarify that car rental at all Lithuanian airports is really simple and even very convenient. If your flight is to Vilnius Airport in all cases, you will find yourself at the Vilnius Airport Arrival Terminal. Although small, for customer covvenience this terminal is divided into sections A, B and C, each of which has different rental offices.

Van rental - the opportunity to travel safely and comfortably

2018-02-04 10:38:56

Traveling by van is a popular solution for those who like to travel with friends, relatives, or at various celebrations, where all the participants of a wedding, maid, bachelor or christening can travel. Minibus rental allows you to travel freely not only in Lithuania, but also in foreign countries. Minibuses are covered by compulsory CASCO insurance, and all conditions and requirements that a minibus driver must know prior to signing a vehicle rental agreement.