Car rental in Vilnius, Kaunas, Palanga airports. What do you need to know?

Car rental in Vilnius, Kaunas, Palanga airports. What do you need to know?

2019-07-28 16:41:22

A car hire customer arriving at the airport often has a question: Where do I need to take my car? Will I have to wait for someone? How to return the car? Is it possible to arrive at night?


To answer all these questions, we would like to clarify that car rental at all Lithuanian airports is really simple and even very convenient.


If your flight is to Vilnius Airport in all cases, you will find yourself at the Vilnius Airport Arrival Terminal. Although small, for customer covvenience this terminal is divided into sections A, B and C, each of which has different rental offices.


The first thing that you will need to do is to go to the car rental office that is listed in your booking confirmation.


At the office, the managers will have all of your booking information and will be able to help you fill the lease agreement as well as answer any questions you may have. Once you have arranged your documents, you will be able to travel to your assigned car which will be prepared and parked in the car park of the Vilnius Airport, just a few steps away.


The cars are not only picked up at the parking lot, but also returned.


You can pick up and return the car at any time of the day.


If you arrive late at night, the managers will be waiting for you at your chosen arrival time.


If you would like to return the car, you can do so at any time before the end of the rental period.


When picking up a car at Kaunas Airport the whole procedure is the same as in Vilnius. The only difference is the location of the car rental offices.


Kaunas Airport rental points are located not in the airport itself, but in a separate building, which is right next to Kaunas Airport terminal.


To find this building, you will have to turn left after exiting airport terminal's front door and after a couple of minutes walk you will see a building on which is written "Car Rental" - this is the building where you will find the rental office assigned to you. After completing the documents at this point, you will pick up the car at the parking lot just outside.


If you are arriving to the seaside of Lithuania and the smallest Lithuanian international Palanga airport, you will be able to pick up a car just as easily as you would in any other airport.


Because the airport is not large, car rental offices are particularly easy to find. They are located at the airport's arrival terminal so you can go to the one assigned to you after the flight. Just like in other Lithuanian airports, the car will be prepared for you at the parking lot, where you will pick up and return your rented vehicle at any time of the day.

For your convenience - a new opportunity to rent a car at Riga international airport!

2023-07-30 13:39:44

From now on you can reserve and pick up a car not only in Lithuania, but also in Latvia at Riga International Airport. Due to the growing demand of customers, the convenience of flights and transportation car rental at Riga airport is becoming more and more popular therefore you can already compare and book car rental offers in Riga by using our services.

Experience the new Toyota models

2019-07-03 23:09:21

The new Toyota RAV4 SUV and intermediate class Toyota Corolla models have already complemented our fleet of cars. You can now rent these cars at all our rental points. The cars introduced in 2019 has not only renewed, stylish and sporty body lines, but also comes with additional features which increases the pleasure of driving and most important safety. From now on, all new Toyota models has the "Safety Sense" system, which includes many advanced safety features