Airports are one of the most frequent car rental collection desks not only Lithuania but also in any other part of the world. offers car rental at Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga international airports.

Car rental at Vilnius Airport stands out from all other places with the largest amount of cars being offered. As Vilnius Airport receives the largest amount of travellers a wide selection of cars and car providers is also mandatory.

Since year 2020 car rental points at Vilnius Airport have moved from the airport arrival terminal to other buildings in the airport territory that are specially assigned to car rental. The two main buildings are the multi-storey car park, marked P4, in front of the airport and the car rental building parallel to the airport.

Both of these buildings are just a couple minutes of walk away from the airport.

After making a car reservation you will receive a booking confirmation by e-mail, which will indicate your rental desk and the location of the rental desk therefore after the flight, without waiting for anything, you will be able to go directly to pick up your booked car.

Second in terms of the amount of cars offered - Kaunas Airport as well as Vilnius airport has many different rental desks that offer different cars, rates and conditions. Same as in Vilnius Airport, car rental desks are located within the airport area, a couple minutes of walk away from the airport terminal.

Palanga Airport, although it has a smaller number of rental desks compared to Vilnius and Kaunas airports, Palanga Airport has established all rental desks inside the airport arrival terminal therefore you can take your car reservation without leaving the airport itself.

Car rental at Vilnius, Kaunas or Palanga Airport is especially convenient in terms of picking up / returning a car. All rental cars are stored in car parks near the airport arrival and departure terminals therefore you can leave the car just before your flight back or pick it up just after walking from the airport.