Car rental at Vilnius airport

Car rental at Vilnius Airport is the place with the largest number of car rental points, different conditions and the best price offers.

We recommend car rental at Vilnius Airport not only for those arriving by plane, but also for those looking for a car rental in Vilnius. Due to the largest amount of car offers, at Vilnius Airport you will find the best offers comparing the whole Vilnius region.

Due to the large demand, many rental desks are located in the territory of Vilnius Airport. The rental desks are located in the multi-storey car rental parking lot of Vilnius - P4 and building parallel to the airport. Both of these places are just a couple minutes of walk away from Vilnius Airport’s arrival terminal.

Rented cars are also returned in the territory of Vilnius Airport, in the parking lots near the rental desks and if you want to return the car in Vilnius city, for your convenience, this option is completely free.

If you want to pick up the car late at night or early in the morning, Vilnius Airport is the main place which is open 24 hours a day therefore you can pick up the car at any time of the day after making a reservation.

When choosing a car at Vilnius Airport, we recommend choosing your preferred rental date or several dates, if you have such an option, as rental prices vary depending on the rental dates - different months and days.

Car rental at Vilnius Airport is the best option not only because the prices, but also the rental conditions provided. In the car search results you will find a link “T&S” next to each car, we recommend comparing the rental conditions of each different provider in order to choose the most suitable offer for you.

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