Car rental at Kaunas airport

Car rental at Kaunas Airport ranks second in terms of the largest number of rentals in Lithuania. Due to the many flights to and from Kaunas Airport you will find all the biggest and most popular car rental providers, offering the best prices and conditions.

As Kaunas Airport is the main car rental place in Kaunas region, we recommend this car pick-up place not only for travelers that arrive to Kaunas Airport but also for those living in Kaunas city or region.

As well as in other airports of Lithuania, cars can be picked up at Kaunas Airport at any time of the day after making a reservation in advance.

The main location for rental desks is in a separate car rental building, located next to the airport terminal. This building is just 100 meters away and parallel to the airport terminal. The rental cars are also kept in a parking lot right next to the rental building.

Other rental desks are located in the car parks next to the airport terminal therefore when renting a car from any of our rental desks, you can pick up and drop off the car just a few minutes of walk away from the airport terminal.

When choosing a car rental at Kaunas Airport, we recommend comparing not only the offered prices or car models, but also the rental conditions. Due to the high amount of rental providers, you can choose the rental offer that suits your needs the best.

If it is not convenient for you to get to Kaunas Airport and you want to save your time we also offer a car delivery service to your chosen address. When booking a car rental from Kaunas Airport, you will receive the best prices and conditions with the delivery to you for just 10 - 15 Euros at any chosen address within Kaunas city.

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