City center

Car rental in city center locations is one of the most popular options for picking up and returning cars. City center location is a great choice because of convenient transportation. For this reason you can arrive to pick up your car easily, quickly and inexpensively from anywhere in the city.

The areas of the city center as well as airport location are also attractive because of particularly wide selection of cars.

In addition to the wide range of cars available another advantage of car rental desks located in city center locations is that when you arrive with your personal car and you want to change to a rental one, you can leave your car for free at the parking lots of rental desks.

When choosing a car rental in one or another city center location it is important to know that working hours are limited in these areas. The opening hours of rental desks in the city center are usually from 8:00 until 17:00. In case you want to pick up the car earlier or later, we recommend booking the car rental at the airport of the selected city where the rental desks accept advance reservations around the clock.

In some cases, when the main rental desks of different car providers are at airports, when ordering a car in the city center, the car will be delivered to you free of charge to the specified address.

By choosing locations in the city center you can be sure that you will receive the widest selection of different classes of cars, the best prices and conditions. Also, city center rental desks are usually the largest therefore you will get great service and if you need to add anything to car rental, child seats, navigation systems, bike racks, etc., you will find the widest selection.

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