Car rental in Kaunas city center

Car rental in Kaunas can often be a difficult task due to the high numbers of car rental customers. As the largest number of cars are rented in Kaunas Airport most of the companies providing the best conditions and prices of rental cars have also established their main branches right next to Kaunas Airport.

For this reason persons who are looking for car rental services in the center of Kaunas city center has to face a lack of choice of cars and prices.

In order to solve this problem, cars offered by us are delivered to Kaunas city center free of charge - without any additional fees or special conditions with the same variety of cars as in Kaunas Airport.

When picking up a car in the center of Kaunas it is important to know that managers can deliver cars between 9:00 and 16:00. If this time would not be suitable for you we recommend choosing the car delivery service to your specified address or picking up the car at Kaunas Airport at any time of the day.

When renting a car from Kaunas city center you can return the car free of charge at the end of the rental both in the same city center area as well as at Kaunas airport if you plan to go on a flight after the rent.

Use the car rental search form below, find and compare all the car rental offers in Kaunas city center.