Railway stations

For your convenience, AutoRentalis.lt offers car rental at Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda railway stations.

If you arrive by train to major cities or train stations, the car pick-up location is closest to you, you can choose from all classes of car rental deals, as well as all other pick-up locations.

When renting cars at railway stations, we recommend that you make a car reservation in advance, and if you want to make a reservation on the same day, it is important to contact us by phone, using the contacts provided by us.

Cars are delivered to Vilnius and Kaunas railway stations from the main rental points in the airports of chosen cities, or in the central parts of cities, therefore the managers will contact you before the car pick-up time and meet you at the railway stations.

When picking up the car at Klaipeda railway station, you can go to the Railway Station terminal at the reserved time where you will find the rental desks and the car rental managers waiting for you.

The managers, who will accompany you to the car and hand over the keys, will inform you how and where you can return the car at the train station, but if you want to hand over the car elsewhere, you can do so at no extra charge! When you pick up your car at the train station, you can also leave it at the airport in the same city or at rental points located around the city center.

If you want to drop off your car in another city, it is also allowed. The cities where you can pick up and return cars are Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda and Palanga. There is an additional charge for returning cars from one city to another. You can compare all additional fees before making a car reservation.

The advantage of renting a car at the railway station is that the railway stations of all major cities are located close or right next to the bus stations therefore you can arrive or depart not only by train, but also by bus, choosing the most convenient mode of transportation for you.