Individually agreed location

For your convenience we offer car rental with deliveries to the place of your choice in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda.

In cases when you cannot come to the rental points in the city, you can simply pick up the car at a place of residence, work or any other place. The employees of the rental desks will deliver any selected car to your address within the territory of the city.

To make a reservation and provide a delivery address you can do so by contacting us by phone, email or by making a reservation through the website.

When making a reservation through the website, select the location of the rental point -  airport or city center. You can get the best prices by choosing these places. The next step is to choose the exact date and time - when you will pick up and when you will return  the car. After receiving all the car offers according to these specifications and selecting the car you are interested in, you will be able to choose the delivery to your chosen location option.

You will find this option next to all other additional attributes such as child seats, navigation and more. After selecting the delivery service the website will ask you to enter the address to which the car will be picked up from (it is enough to enter the street and house number). When making a reservation with delivery the most important thing is to enter a contact telephone number that can be used to contact you when delivering the car.

After making a reservation you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail, after which you will not need to do anything else. The managers will contact you by phone before the delivery of the car and check the details if needed.

Please note that you will be able to pay for the car rental during delivery in a convenient way for you, both by bank card and cash.

The cost of delivering the car as well as the service itself is very attractive. Regardless of which part of the city the car will have to be delivered the price does not change and usually reaches only 10 Euros.

If you want the staff of the rental desk not only to deliver the car but also to pick it up at the address of your choice you can do so by informing the employee at the time of pickup or by contacting us during the rental.