Car rental at Vilnius bus station

Car rental at Vilnius bus station is one of the most popular places to pick up and drop off cars within the city of Vilnius.

The location is popular because Vilnius bus station is close to the Old Town and all other central areas of the city. For this reason picking up cars is convenient not only for those arriving in the city by bus but also for people living, staying or working in the city center.

When picking up the car from Vilnius bus station we recommend to make the booking in advance or contact us by phone if you want to pick up the car quickly. This is important because cars are delivered to Vilnius bus station free of charge from the main rental points of Vilnius, which are located at Vilnius Airport or other parts of the city.

For your convenience, paying for car rental at the bus station is no different than paying at major rental offices. When paying for a car rental at the pick up, paymenct can be done both bu bank card or by cash.

When you pick up the car from Vilnius bus station you can return it free of charge not only at the same place, but also at rental offices located at Vilnius Airport or in another part of the city.

If it is not convenient for you to get to Vilnius bus station, for a small delivery fee, the car can also be delivered to you at any address of your choice within the city limits.

We note that it is important to provide the correct phone number when booking a car rental, as the managers will contact you by phone before and during the delivery to agree on the exact place of delivery and meet you at the specified pick-up time.

We recommend comparing all car rental offers, prices and conditions in the search form below, where it is important to choose the exact pick-up and drop-off dates and times.